The City Of Nuremberg

Nuremberg is Bavaria´s second-largest city and located about 160 km north of Munich. The city is most famous for its significant role in German history dating back to the 11th century. Even today, Nuremberg´s Old Town is home to many historic artifacts, such as a medieval city wall, the Imperial Castle and a lot of traditional architecture.

The best way to get to know Nuremberg and its history is by taking part in  the tours on friday!

Nuremberg Castle

The Hostel


Stay where the emperors entourage used to live a few hundred years ago! Right next to the Imperial Castle you'll find one of the oldest, yet one of the most modern and authentic hostels in Germany. We're sure you'll enjoy the unique and historical atmosphere of this place!

For more information and pictures, check out the hostel here!

Heilig-Geist-Spital | Hospital of the Holy Spirit

The Hospital of the Holy Spirit was built from 1332–39 by Konrad Gross, a wealthy patrician, for the care for the elderly and needy. It was the largest private endowment in the Holy Roman Empire up to 1500. After 1500 the building complex was extended over the Pegnitz River. In the arcaded ”Kreuzigungshof“, the central figures of Adam Kraft’s Crucifixion group (ca 1506/08) and the tomb monuments of Konrad Gross (d. 1356) and Herdegen Valzner (d. 1423) can be found. It is there we have planned something special for you on friday after your excursion at 4 pm.

This place today also  hosts a restaurant in the halls build over the river. It will be our dinner location on both Thursday and Friday from 6 pm onwards.



The Gym


The Gym we will use is a modern day fencing hotspot: The german national team for saber-fencing is using this hall for training. It is a fully equipped three-part-gym where we will constantly run two workshops the same time on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. There will always be one third of the hall reserved to free sparring.

As the gym will be used as a gym for school, we will have to secure your stuff thursday evening in the Nordlicht (see below), where it will be safe until saturday.



The "Nordlicht" (Northern Light) is one of Nurembergs many places for the young popultaion to go. For Hema is coming home the Nordlicht will serve as a gatheringpoint, the mensa, the spot were lectures are being held and the information hub. Thanks to Harald and "his" kids to have us around there.

The Nordlicht is situated right next to the gym.