Hans Heim – OCHS

I started thirty years ago with filipino martial arts. After nine years of training Escrima I finally got in contact with “Der Kunst des Fechtens”. The first contact has been a seminar about showfighting. This has been not enough for me, so some friends and I hosted a seminar with John Clemens in Munich. This has been my personal kick off with swords. And now, after establishing “Ochs-historische Kampfkünste e.V.”, shooting one (not so impressing) video and four (much betterJ) DVD´s about the use of the Langes Schwert and the Langes Messer, a lot of seminars, nearly 19 years of training with the Langes Schwert, the Langes Messer and Dolchkampf, my hair is grey (at least the ones that are left) but I am still a member of HEMA.

Workshop: „Trainingsdrills for Dagger“