MONTANTE – one againts many

By Henrik Gyarmati

Based upon those of the sword, you can know the qualities of those for the montante, their weakness or their strength, with the single difference that all the deflections, parries and attacks of the montante must be helped by the movements of the body.” – Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo (1651) … and that’s exactly what makes this rather exotic HEMA weapon an interesting but challenging subject for our workshop. In Liechtenauer’s teaching verses is called Similarly, „fencing with the whole body is what you desperately desire to do.“ Schlachtschwert, or in Iberian fencing systems referred to as Montante, about 175cm long swords can be difficult to move only with the arms. Rather, the art lies in a versatile footwork and the associated full-body work, which is necessary for these great weapons in order to be able to act successfully in different directions. A Montante was less of a classic dueling weapon, man against man, it was used against several differently armed opponents.
Based on the work „Memorial Da Prattica do Montante“ by the Portuguese soldier, diplomat and fencing master Dom Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo, we work first on some basic „rules“ for the development of functional basic motor skills, followed by further application-related Rules, like fight in narrow street or protect a treasure as example. As a good ending, we will try to apply the newly learned techniques in free application. Positive stress and fun are guaranteed here

What kind of workshop is it (Longsword, Messer, Montante etc.) Montante „only“.

If it is an exotic weapon: Can you provide training weapons? Yes, it is exotic. Weapons: Montante / Spadone / Battle Sword or a comparably long (165cm +) and heavy sword simulator.

Rental equipment: We will bring 20 simulators (steel, plastic and wood) and an additional 15 wooden rods of appropriate length (170cm). Protective equipment (not always necessary): gloves, neck protection and fencing helmet.

Is the workshop suited for beginners? Total beginners can quickly reach their limits. Minimum 1-2 years experience with longsword is a good base.