HEMA Is Coming Home is presented to you by Sebastian Linstädt and Andreas Fuchs. Both of them are fencing at Schwert & Bogen Nürnberg - sometimes together and sometimes against each other, but always in great respect for each other!

And that's how the idea for HEMA Is Coming Home came about. An event for different fencers for 4 days united and hopefully in mutual respect.

Sebastian Linstädt

Sebastian Linstädt

Sebastian Linstädt dreamed about swords since his childhood days in Rivendell. He started Training HEMA with Schwert & Bogen in 2010. Six years later he went on a Swordtrip with Ingulf Popp-Kohlweiss of INDES and visited HEMA-Hotspots in Germany and Austria and had the time of his life. Since 2017 the annual  SWORDTRIP GATHERING has become the biggest event in German-speaking Hema each April in Munich.

But being Franconian by heart, Andreas and Sebastian decided to bring HEMA  back to Nuremberg in an international scale in 2019.

Andreas Fuchs

After more than 20 years in Asian martial arts, Andreas built the martial arts school Schwert & Bogen Nürnberg in 2007 with some companions. Andreas wears the II.DAN in karate and II.DAN in JuJuttsu. In addition to the long sword, he trains with sword & buckler, the half staff, the dagger and of course combat and hunting archery. In his spare time he is a Coach for personality development, communication and conflict for several DAX companies.

Andreas Fuchs

Schwert & Bogen, School of Martial Arts

Schwert & Bogen was founded in 2007 by Andreas Fuchs and several companions.

We are teaching use of the Long Sword, ancient wrestling as means of self defense, Sword & Buckler, Half staff and Dagger. Furthermore, from time to time there are classes in kickboxing, BJJ groundfighting and other martial arts.

The second part of Schwert & Bogen is archery. In two classes, we are training both traditional archery and combat archery, and are very successful in tournaments.

Over 150 men and women between 16 and 60 attend our trainings. Our lessons take place in 3 cities, 5 days a week.

Hence we have become one of the biggest HEMA schools in Germany.

In the last couple of years, we have also been organizing the DÜRER Longsword Tournament, running for 2 days with more than 40 participants.