Use the Schielhaw and win – but how to do it

By Thomas Bögle

The workshop will focus on the topic how a technique like the Schielhaw or other can be transferred to free sparring and why they sometimes do not work. We will discuss the reasons leading to the failure of the techniques and show practical examples and exercises how techniques can specifically be transmitted into sparring and how they can be applied there. Further, tactical and strategic decisions for sparring and tournament fighting will be addressed. The workshop is aimed primarily at experienced students who started sparring or want to improve their performance in the tournament fights. For experienced fighters it might be a new approach and as well set new training incentives. Minimal equipment consisting of: gloves, neck protection and mask – if possible full sparring equipment is suggested though. Physically demanding in full gear – prepare to sweat!


Required HEMA experience

Beginners and intermediate in sparring.

Intermediate HEMA experience requiered.

Required gear

Minimum: Mask, throat protection and gloves
Suggested: Full sparring equipment.

Techniques from Lichtenauer and Maier.