Hema Is Coming Home

The Event is cancelled!

October 3 - 6, 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany

4 days of fencing, workshops, lectures by big names from Hema, culture, tours to hema related places, chatting with other fencers, much more.

Why Do We Call It HEMA Is Coming Home?

The German national museum Nueremberg stores the CODEX 3224a – currently the oldest kwon manuscript transmission of Liechtenauer. It is assumed, that Liechtenauer comes from the old franconian town of LIECHTENAU and that his way of fencing was established in southern Germany.

But this is not the reason for this event's name.

YOU are HEMA, and we want to create a place where we can meet, chat, learn, fight companionable and celebrate! A circle of swords, a modern Camelot, where we and our martial art can feel at home.


Warriors United!

The old fencing schools had their own code of ethics…. We and our instructors represent these values.

We are not fighting against something, we are fighting for these values.

Temperance and suavity stand for a friendly together with good manners and decency.

Courage, strength, generosity, and charitableness for us mean having the courage to go in a fight and compete with each other, and, at the same time, having the human greatness to help and protect the weak.

For us, respect means treating both others and ourselves respectfully as well as appreciating our origins, our culture, and our lifestyles.


The Locations

Nuremberg is Bavaria´s second-largest city and located about 160 km north of Munich. The city is most famous for its significant role in German history dating back to the 11th century. And the history is still prevalent today! Nuremberg´s Old Town is home to many historic sites, such as the medieval city wall, the Imperial Castle and a lot of traditional architecture.

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