Dr. Daniel Burger Schwertbund Nuremberg

Daniel Burger, Dr. phil., M.A. was born in Weißenburg in Bavaria in 1971. He studied History and German Studies at the Catholic University of Eichstätt (Bavaria), where he was also awarded a doctorship in 1999. He volunteered for two years at the Germanische Nationalmuseum (German  National Museum) in Nuremberg from 2000 to 2002. Afterwards he started working for the „Bayerische Archivschule“ in Munich until 2005. Since then he works as archivist in the National Archives at Munich, Nuremberg, Bamberg and Amberg. Daniel researches history and architectural history with an emphasis on castles and fortresses in Southern Germany an the Middle East. He is member of the clubs „Schwertbund Nurmberg e.V.“ and „Nürnberg 1474„.


Lecture: „Weapons, Violence and Fun. Use and abuse of weapons in the Imperial Town Nuremberg“