Henrik Gyarmati

Henrik Gyarmati is an instructor on longsword, messer, wrestling, dagger, staff weapons and montante with Drey Wunder, Germany. He studied over 20 year’s eastern martial arts (3rd Dan traditional Karate, 3. Dan Ju-Justu, 1. Dan Eskrima) and fought for 4 years in the Doce Pares Eskrima German national team in international competitions. He was multiple German- and European vice-champion in disciplines single stick, double-stick and knife fight. Since 2011 he deals exclusively with the European historical martial arts and initially led a Gladiatores Group in Bielefeld. In 2013 he founded an own club „Drey Wunder“ based in Bielefeld and Hameln. Along with Martin Lümkemann he developed CHALLENGE.3W, the HEMA freefight record and analysis system and conducts seminars to different HEMA weapons

Workshop: „MONTANTE – one againts many“