Ingulf Popp-Kohlweiss

Ingulf Popp-Kohlweiss, born 1982, is trainer of INDES Salzburg (Austria) for longsword, langes messer, dagger and wrestling in Liechtenauer tradition. He started training with the longsword in 2002. Over time he included other weapons. Additionally to HEMA he has been training a lot of other martial arts: Modern sport fencing, boxing, Jujitsu, Capoeira, Taijiquan, Kendo / Kenjutsu and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). He has a strong focus on movement, and being able to do complicated moves in an ease and controlled way is important for him and his training. He believes in a combination of concentrated training and fencing games as a way to have great fun and strive for mastership.
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