Distance is Your Choice

By Ingulf Kohlweiß

In Zufechten there is a certain line of distance between you and your opponent, when crossed the danger begins. From this line on you or your opponent can hit. Being able to measure this distance and knowing different ways to cross it, is an important but not an easy skill to learn. In a real fight your life would have depended on this skill of yours. In Longsword training it is useful to lay a strong focus on the choice of right distance.

In this class we will use precise footwork to improve our distance measurement and our Zufechten. Our aim is to choose different distances to our opponent, to surprise him by doing so and gain an advantage out of it. We will use techniques from the Liechtenauer System to do so: Zornhauort, Krumphau, Zwerchhau, Absetzen, Durchwechseln, Überlaufen and Versetzen to name some.

Equipment: Mask, Gloves, Longword (Steel, Nylon)

What kind of workshop is it (Longsword, Messer, Montante etc.): Longsword

Is the workshop suited for beginners?  

Level: 5 Experienced Participants. You should know at least 4 of the 7 above mentioned Liechtenauer techniques (Zornhauort, Krumphau, Zwerchhau, Absetzen, Durchwechseln, Überlaufen, Versetzen) (1Beginner | 10Expert)