Training Drills for Dagger

By Hans Heim

Training drills for Dolchkampf. Why, drills? How to use, what drills can do and what they don`t can do. Drills if both have dagger, drills when only one has a dagger. That´s it.

You need a save, not sharp, not pointed (it could be rounded), but stiff (no wobbly rubber) training dagger, or a round piece of wood. The training dagger, or wood should be longer as 20 cm but not  longer as 30 cm. If you use a wood it should be not thicker as 3 cm in diameter. No training with sharp, pointed metal or plastic daggers. If you have a fencing mask, o.k. if not, also o.k.

What kind of workshop is it (Longsword, Messer, Montante etc.):     Dagger.

Is the workshop suited for beginners? Or is it suited for experienced fencers?             It is for beginners and for experienced fencers.